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Our “CET” Based Price Quotes!

Fast, Good or Cheap… The Client Expectation Triangle (“CET”)

When creating a project, clients must choose only two out of the three CET Options. While everyone wishes that we could have it all… the truth is… you can’t!

It’s a reality of life and our clients should take note of it… just as we designers and artists are bound to it.

Good + Fast = Higher Expense

Choose good and fast and we will give your project priority. Aren’t there really 25-hours a day? We will give you that kind of focus, just to get your job done by your given deadlines. But, don’t expect it to be cheap.

Good + Cheap = A Slightly Slower Process, but a cost effective one!

Choose good and cheap and we will do a great job for you at our already low rates. We will work with you on the development of your content, as well as make suggestion to enhance your graphics project or your website’s usability.

Fast + Cheap = A Lower Quality

Choose fast and cheap and you can expect your project to be delivered on time, but the quality may not be the best that it could be. You truly get what you pay for. While for many, this option might be the least favorable choice of the three… for others it works well when having a very low budget to work with.

Our Fees..

Are at fixed cost and are attached with a 3 phase time line of deliverables, (your content). This cost will be established after we agree to your project’s scope. We base this cost on the size and scope of a project, or for smaller projects, by number of hours required to complete it, multiplied by a rate of $35 an hour.

Naturally, this excludes any additional client approved out-of-pocket expenses. If you have a firm budget, we’ll let you know if or how we can meet it.

Phase One:

We require 25% of our fee, upon acceptance of your project.

Phase Two:

The next 25% is due upon your approval of our conceptual layout.

Phase Three:

The last 50% is due at your project’s deadline or “go live date” for websites.

To request a price quote, please send us the details of your Project. You may use our Contact Us Form which asks questions to help you communicate your project to us.

Thank you for letting The Creative Cafe 4 Design meet or beat your project’s expectations!